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Types of Portfolios

What is a portfolio?

   According to Gearhart and Herman a portfolio is an "assessment practice that supports the assessment of long-term projects over time, encourage student-initiated revisions, and provide a context for presentation, guidance, and critique."
   The following types of portfolios were adapted from Duffy et al, 1999. See reference page for full citation.

Yearly Portfolio

   This type of portfolio encompasses all subjects taught throughout the school year. The students are encouraged to submit work from all subject areas. This type of portfolio works well for a well rounded assessment of the student's progression through the year.

Specific Content Portfolio

   The content of this portfolio is decided by the teacher prior to the student creating the portfolio. The teacher gives the students a table of contents of the work he/she would like to see presented in the portfolio. This type of portfolio is used to assess specific skills. The teacher uses the table of contents as a "check list" for his/her objectives for the year.

Rationale Portfolio

   This type of portfolio is also teacher directed with a list of contents the teacher wants to see in the portfolio. The difference with this type of portfolio is that the student must give a rationale for why certain works were chosen over others. This type of portfolio helps students to sharpen their evaluation skills.

Goal Driven Portfolio

   With this type of portfolio students are given the objectives from the teacher and proceed with submitting items that they feel fit the criterion that was given to them. This type of portfolio really leaves most of the decision-making up to the individual student and therefore the student feels more ownership of their portfolio.

Virtual Portfolio

   Many Portfolios are no online. The results are amazing to see students combine their writing and technology. Here are a few that will give you an Idea what the students can do.

Sample Portfolios